5 day Garden Route trip

Dear Tony.

Now we are in Denmark again after having a very, very nice holyday in South Africa.

Thank you for your big involvement in our tour to Port Elisabeth. We have lots of memories and have seen lots of pictures from that tour. Christian has shown the DVD bungee jump to our neighbours and to his friends, and he has also shown them the jump with Louise and with Henriette and Mia. We are very thankful of your guiding us!

We read in a Danish newspaper about an afro American poet, Elizabeth Alexander. She read lyrics up when Barack Obama became a president. In 1990 she made a collection of poems named “The Venus Hottentot”. The main poem tells about an African woman Saartjie from the eastern of South Africa. Is it the woman whose body was in the monument you told us about near to the bungee jump? The newspaper tells that she was smuggled to London and later on to Paris?

Thank you very much for the day you guided us to District Six Museum, Langa and to Khayelitsha, and thank you for showing us your father’s home. We know, we had never seen so much, if we had been usual tourists!! It was very interesting to se the boys and the grown up personal at the homesteads. Thank you!! We have borrowed books at our library about Cape Town and found a new geographic book from 2006. Here we found a picture of your jam-session-partner at the museum, Joe Schaffer. Isn’t that funny?? We have attached it to the mail, and maybe you could show him.

Never before we have tried to be v.i.p.’s!! Thank you for the place and the chairs we got at the Waterfront. We were very proud of knowing the man who was working for the musicians …but we never saw Cecilie, or said thank you to you!! Neither did we say goodbye to you!!! I asked Louise, but she felt, that you needed holyday very much, and I think she was right.

South Africa is a beautiful country and we are very thankful, we have had the possibility of visiting Louise. We have met many helpful people, have had well tasting food, nice toilet facilities, and they were clean!!

When we arrived at Heathrow, London, we had long time of waiting, and Christian and I bought sandwiches. An hour later we began feeling sick!!!! Perhaps Louise has told you? British Airways wouldn’t allow us to fly that day. They helped us to find a hotel to sleep one night, and the day after we were able to fly home after having promised British Airways that we were not ill any more. Now we are quite all right again.

We really hope that you will see us for some days in August in our home at Zealand. It could really be nice to see you again, also in Løgumkloster, where I stayed 5 month of my life in 1976 – long time ago.

Once more thank you for taking care of the girls, and helping them when help is needed.

With great regards from

Louise’s parents

Kim and Annette Rosenberg